Baristas, see you at the Raw Truck!

AeroPress on four wheels!

The Raw Coffee Company truck has been designed to make coffee in the most effective way. The competitors will have easy access to clean water, electric power, grinders and brewing tools (AeroPress’, stirrers, filters, etc.), all under good illumination. It’s like a complete mobile coffee shop.

At the same time, the spectators will be able to follow the competition through the big openings at the side of the vehicle.

The truck will be parked in a beautiful location, the neighborhood of Al Fahidi in Dubai, making the competition one of the most interesting in the World AeroPress Championship circuit.

So, try not to miss this amazing event on 19th March 2016.

Truck technical details: P6500 Chevy step van. 7.2L V8 1989

Raw website:

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