First UAE National AeroPress Championship winners!

The winners of the first UAE AeroPress Championship are (with their recipes):

-1st: Grant Studer, Independent


Inverted, standard issue paper filter, 15.6g coffee.

Hario Ceramic Slim, set to 10 clicks past 0.

1: Water to 90, remove kettle from element, remove lid from kettle.

2: Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the aeropress plunger/cylinder.

3: Add grounds.

4: Add just enough water to soak the grounds, remove lid from kettle.

5: 30 seconds after you pour the water on the grounds, stir for about 5 seconds.

6: Fill water completely to the top. 60 seconds. During this time, swish some water around in the mug, then dump it out.

7: Flip, plunge for 30 seconds directly into the drinking vessel. Leave the bottom two centimeters or so (just the grounds) unplunged.

– 2nd: Luke P. Quiampang, Tom&Serg


– Inverted brew method

– 20 grams of coffee ground at the 6.3 setting on EK43

– 230g water

– heat water to 88 Celsius

– add 60 grams of water

– turbulent wiggle 15 seconds

– 30 seconds bloom

– add the rest of the water in 10 seconds

– start pressing at 2:00 minutes

– 2:20 minutes total brew time


– 3er: Mohamed Ali Mohamed Alkarbi, Independent


17 g of coffee ground mid-fine to fine (hand grinder)

87 C water temperature

30 ml for pre infusion for 40 seconds

And then add 250 to the top

Then press for 25 seconds





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