Entrants announced for 2017 UAE AeroPress Championship

Entrants for this years UAE Aeropress Championship was overwhelming with hundreds of applications for registration received!

Congratulations to the 45 entrants (in no particular order):

  1. Renaz Shifa
  2. Joe Gitonga
  3. Prince Tarausai
  4. Mark Santos
  5. Madeleen Grosskopf
  6. Matar Alhai
  7. Mahmoud Ebrahim
  8. Jimuel Merjilla
  9. Donald Chen
  10. Christopher Domingo
  11. Hikmat Rawat
  12. Karen Grace Tayag
  13. Zainab
  14. Moses Ngomo
  15. Mohamed AlMeeri
  16. Peter Michael
  17. Christin Alexis Bautista
  18. Carlo Gian Tolentino
  19. Abdullah Ahli
  20. Rolly Opulencia
  21. Grant Studer
  22. Pradep Dhungel
  23. Salem
  24. Katherine Santiago Infante
  25. Carina Silva
  26. Paolo Jose Jacinto
  27. Ian Cezar Naria
  28. Frederick Bejo
  29. Christian Delos Reyes
  30. Rashid
  31. Kisha Charmane Cruz
  32. Kim Laguador
  33. Mark Anthony Uy
  34. Ronald Catacutan
  35. Jovic Montanano
  36. Jun Ray Abellanosa
  37. Edwar Andres Salinas
  38. Bryan
  39. Randy Holgado
  40. Romeo
  41. Sharief Faraidooni
  42. Jefferson Rosanes
  43. Johnny Leonor
  44. Mai Eson
  45. Sara Ahmed Al Khoori

All entrants will be contacted shortly by email with further details.

If you missed the entrant registration cut off please come along to watch the competition, bearing in mind that it may still be possible for you to compete on the day.

Any no shows from the above list will be replaced with available and interested attendee’s one hour before the competition commences.

Sponsorship enquiries can be directed to uaeaeropress@gmail.com, or sent via message on our Facebook page.

The best of luck to everyone competing!

2 thoughts on “Entrants announced for 2017 UAE AeroPress Championship

  1. Saroj balami says:

    If any of choosen contestant can’t attend the event. Please let me know. I did submit the form in time but unfortunately didn’t get selected. Thank you


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