The countdown is on

With only days to go until the 2017 UAE AeroPress Championship, we’re delighted to announce the final list of confirmed competitors below.

Don’t forget, the competition takes place September 21st at Dubai Coffee Museum in the Al Fahidi District. Find Dubai Coffee Museum by clicking here.

The competition starts at 5pm sharp, all competitiors will receive their coffee on arrival and a competition t-shirt, and any payments that are outstanding from competitors will be collected at this point.

Good luck to everyone competing, and have fun!

1 Renaz Shifa
2 Joe Gitonga
3 Prince Tarausai (Langton Budhi)
4 Mark Santos
5 Mahmoud Ebrahim
6 Jimuel Merjilla
7 Donald Chan
8 Christopher Domingo
9 Hikmat Rawat
10 Karen Grace Tayag
11 Zainab Al mousawi
12 Moses Ngomo
13 Mohamed AlaMeeri
14 Peter Michael
15 Christin Alexis Bautista
16 Carlo Gian Tolentino
17 Rolly Opulencia
18 Grant Studer
19 Pradep Dhungel
20 Carina Silva
21 Paolo Jose Jacinto
22 Ian Cezar Naria
23 Frederick Bejo
24 Christian Delos Reyes
25 Kim Laguador
26 Mark Anthony Uy
27 Ronald Catacutan
28 Jovic Montanano
29 Jun Ray Abellanosa
30 Edwar Andres Salinas
31 Bryan Pagdonsulan
32 Randy Holgado
33 Romeo Perello
34 Sharief Faraidooni
35 Jefferson Rosanes
36 Johnny Leonor
37 Mohamed Al Karbi
38 Archie Ponferrada
39 Nestor Portillo
40 Mary Lynne
41 Ryan Neil
42 David Castro
43 Jan Rey Agacosta
44 Sultan Al Owais
45 Luke Quiampang

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