Confirmed Competitors – Umm Al Quwain

Here is the final confirmed list of competitors for the 2018 Umm Al Quwain AeroPress Regional Championship, taking place at Caffeine Espresso Bar on August 8th at 6pm.

There are still five slots available at this competition so if you would like to register please do so by emailing

1 Sospeter Abdallah
2 Hussain Ishaq Hussain
3 Mark Julius Matanguihan
4 Alysia Shimona Almeida
5 Kevin F. Dela Guardia
6 Demi Ruver Jaspo Dagas
7 Abdulla Almheiri
8 Anthony Gikandi Wagura
9 Wenson Orzame
10 Erika Paula H. Cay
11 Saif Al Ali
12 Jeffrey Charies M. Banez
13 Razel Diane A. Ammary
14 Shaikh Wahab
15 Alexander Atienza
16 Luis Alexandre Boyacรก
17 Vicente Jr. Del Rosario
18 Adel A. M Ibrahim
19 Mahmoud Ebrahim Bavardi
20 Nassir Ntege
21 Emmanuel katongole
22 Shaikh Wahab

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