2018 UAE Aeropress Winner

Organised by Mokha 1450 Coffee Lounge, in conjunction with World Aeropress Championships, and a wide range of sponsors, the final of the 3rdannual UAE Aeropress Championship took place at Mokha 1450 Coffee Lounge, Palm Jumeirah on September 15th.

A major championship that spanned six weeks and seven Emirates, the competition attracted over 150 professional world champion baristas and coffee enthusiasts from all over the UAE during its run, with gold, silver, and bronze Aeropress trophies being scooped up in every Emirate.

Taking home Gold at the final, Earven Marabiles of Emirati Coffee is now the new UAE Aeropress Champion.

Rico Sergio Jr. Ramirez Carano took home the Silver trophy and Roy Catacutan took home the Bronze.

Earven will now go on to represent the UAE at the 2018 World Aeropress Championships, taking place in Sydney, Australia in November this year.

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