2019 UAE Aeropress Championship – Winners

They think it’s all over, it is now!

GOLD, and now the 2019 UAE Aeropress Champion, is Ruan Zhumazhanov.

BRONZE went to Jhe Ocasiones, and SILVER went to Wilson Biloniraw.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated, volunteered, sponsored, and supported this amazing event.

Congratulations to the 2019 UAE Aeropress Champion, Ruan Zhumazhanov – who will go on to represent the UAE at the World Aeropress Championship in London in November this year.

Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors who made this event possible:

Organizer: Mokha 1450

GOLD SPONSORS: Acaia Archers Coffee Brewing Gadgets Coffee Museum Dubai Espresso Gear Karam Coffee RAW Coffee Company The Espresso Lab

SILVER SPONSORS: Cafés Richard Cupital Café Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters Volta Café

BRONZE SPONSORS: Baristas’ Corner Boncafe Middle East Coffee Architecture Fraise BonBon Cafe MonViso Water مياه مونفيزو

Until next year…

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