W.A.C is back for 2021

Great news coffee lovers, The World AeroPress Championship is officially live for 2021.

While social distancing and air travel restrictions mean that this season will look a bit different to previous years, AeroPress devotees the world over will have the opportunity to put their AeroPress skills up against the world’s best brewers once more – and that includes the UAE!

To make sure no-one misses out, AeroPress has launched an all-new online format that allows would-be champions the opportunity to compete from home. So, whether you’re deep in lockdown or free to roam, there’s a way to get involved in ’21.

National championships will be running from May 1st through September 31st, so stay tuned for more details.

The 2021 season will culminate in an AeroPress world final event – competed online and judged in Melbourne, Australia – at the end of the year. Instead of flying in to compete, national champions will work with a surrogate barista who’ll brew their recipe for a local judging panel. In another first, the crowning of our 2021 champion will be live-streamed around the world.

Could it be you? There’s only one way to find out…

3 thoughts on “W.A.C is back for 2021

  1. Mariam says:

    When is the registration gate opens? Can I join uae aeropress championship’21
    And I am a visitor to UAE? The competition starts from which age?


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