2022 UAE Aeropress Championships

October 3rd, 4th and 5th in Dubai.

Competition Rules and Format


1. The competition is a multi-round, elimination tournament. 

2. In each round, three competitors brew coffee simultaneously. 

3. Competitors have 5 minutes in which to prepare, brew, and present their coffee. 

4. When the time is up, the coffees are presented in identical vessels to a panel of three judges. 

5. The judges blindly evaluate each coffee and make their own private assessment as to which is the best. 

6. On the count of three, all judges simultaneously point to their preferred coffee. 

7. The winner progresses to the next round. The losers are eliminated. 


1. The brewer used must be a genuine AeroPress. No other brewer may be used in the drink preparation. Each competitor must bring their own AeroPress. None will be provided

2. All three parts of a genuine AeroPress brewer must be used; the chamber, the plunger, and the filter cap. Aftermarket or non-genuine parts are not allowed. 

3. Ground coffee and water are the only ingredients allowed. 

4. Any type of filter is allowed, so long as it does not replace the filter cap itself (see rule #2). The filter can be made out of paper, metal, cloth, or any other material. 

5. Competitors are welcome to bring their own grinder.

6. Competitors must only use the sponsored coffee. 

7. Competitors may only use a maximum of 18g of roasted coffee in their recipe.

8. Competitors must present a minimum of 150ml of brewed coffee, in the vessel provided. 

9. Coffees not presented within the time limit of 5 minutes will not be evaluated. 

10. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in disqualification. 


1. Each round is judged blind tasting. 

2. Competitor’s cup will be marked on the underside of the cups where they are completely hidden. 

3. There is no scoresheet or formal judging criteria. Judges are simply answering: “Which cup would I prefer to drink all of?” 

4. Each judge will arrive at their own conclusion, without discussing the samples with their fellow judges. 

5. On the count of three, all judges will point simultaneously, confidently, and definitively at the cup of their choosing. 

6. After judging, the MC will lift the winning cup, revealing the name of the glorious round winner.

7. In the event of all three judges pointing at different cups, the MC or a pre-determined Head Judge will taste the coffees, and decide the round. This decision is final. 

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